MAN-tra Retreat 2021

MAN-tra Retreat 2021
Nov 12-14th

MAN-tra is back for another annual men’s retreat, entitled The Hero’s Journey!

We invite you to join us in transforming your life. You are the Hero, and your journey is unique and extraordinary. The Lord Himself prompts you, and each one of us, to return home, back to Godhead. From Lord Rama to Srila Prabhupada, the story of life follows a set progression. Understanding this pattern helps us understand ourselves and the steps needed for transformation.

The journey is not easy. Obtaining the most treasured gift of love of God is most difficult. Shedding our dark side and returning to the light requires facing our deepest fears and closing the gap between our shortcomings and reunion. The Hero’s Journey is nothing short of spectacular.

Join your fellow men in looking at the pitfalls and successes of life and transform during this uplifting, educational and fun men’s retreat weekend. Guest speakers include Yogesvara Prabhu, Mahatma Prabhu, Radhika Ramana Prabhu, Rambhoru Mataji, Tamohara Prabhu & many more! We will cover all aspects of the Hero’s Journey, from finding your own Call to Adventure, to accepting a Guru or Mentor, and dealing with our inner obstacles encountered along the journey of life.

MAN-tra 2021 Schedule

MAN-tra 2021.
November 12 – 14. Virtual.

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